Did The Five On Fox Get Cancelled

The Five on Fox got cancelled on April 19 2018 after it was announced that the show was not going to be renewed for a fourth season. The show was created by Bob Woodward and Craig Silverstein and starred Kiefer Sutherland T.R. Knight and Erika Christensen. The series followed a group of CIA agents who were sent to work undercover in Afghanistan after the September 11th attacks.

The Five was one of the most popular shows on Fox averaging 2.4 million viewers in its first season. However after the show was moved to a new time slot in its second season ratings began to decline. The show was averaging just 1.4 million viewers in its third and final season.

Despite its decline in ratings The Five was still one of the highest-rated shows on Fox News. The show had an average viewership of 1.6 million in its final season.

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What was the reason for the cancellation of FOX’s “The Five?

The show was cancelled due to low ratings.

How many seasons did “The Five” run for?

The show ran for 5 seasons.

Who was one of the hosts of “The Five?

Bob Beckel was one of the hosts of “The Five.

When was “The Five” cancelled?

The show was cancelled on April 28 2018.

How many episodes of “The Five” were there?

There were 260 episodes of “The Five.

Who replaced Bob Beckel on “The Five?

Juan Williams replaced Bob Beckel on “The Five.

What is the show “The Five” about?

“The Five” is a show about politics and current events.

What time slot was “The Five” in?

“The Five” was in the 5:00pm time slot.

Who were the other hosts of “The Five?

The other hosts of “The Five” were Kimberly Guilfoyle Dana Perino Greg Gutfeld and Jesse Watters.

Where was “The Five” filmed?

“The Five” was filmed in New York City.

What network aired “The Five?

FOX aired “The Five.

What was the last episode of “The Five?

The last episode of “The Five” was “The Last Show.

When did “The Five” premiere?

“The Five” premiered on July 11 2011.

How long was each episode of “The Five?

Each episode of “The Five” was 60 minutes long.

What other shows were on FOX at the same time as “The Five?

Other shows on FOX at the same time as “The Five” were “The O’Reilly Factor” “Hannity” and “The Ingraham Angle.

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