How to Bandage a Cat Paw

A feline friend can easily become frightened when they see a bandaged paw. It is a good idea to check for signs of infection and to wash the wound thoroughly with cool water. You should also disinfect the wound with betadine or a mild anti-bacterial soap. A bandage should be changed frequently to prevent infection. … Read more

how to keep cat from jumping fence

If you have a yard, you may be wondering how to keep your cat from leaping over your fence. The truth is, cats jump fences to get to the other side and check out the sights and sounds. To keep your cat from jumping, you should make the yard fun for it. Try giving it … Read more

How to Get Free Cat Food in Battle Cats

There are many ways to earn free cat food in Battle Cats, but one of the easiest ways is to watch ads. You can also get lucky with random gacha capsules. Getting free cat food will let you play the game live without worrying about replenishing cat food. Read on for more information. The most … Read more

Why Is My Cat so Attached to Me Lately

If your cat has become increasingly clingy to you lately, it may be due to several reasons. For instance, your cat may be feeling abandoned in a way that no other cat ever has. Or, you may have just moved, so you’ve had less time to play with your cat. Whatever the cause, it’s understandable … Read more

Why Does My Cat Touch My Face

If your cat is constantly touching your face, you’re probably wondering why. Cats are communicative animals, so touching your face is a common way for them to greet and test you. In many cases, it is not out of malice. Cats also do this as a way to greet you and share your scent. Here … Read more

how much to board a cat

If you are wondering how much to board a cat, you’ve come to the right place. The national average for cat boarding is $25 per night, though prices may vary slightly. Prices vary depending on the size of the facility, how many cats it accommodates, and whether or not the pet requires special attention or … Read more

Why Is My Cat Keeping One Eye Closed

If your cat is keeping one eye shut, it could be due to irritation. The irritation may be temporary and go away on its own, or it could be a sign of a more serious eye issue. Your cat may be exhibiting signs of eye infection or conjunctivitis. While you may think your cat is … Read more

Why Is My Cat Suddenly Clingy

If you’ve ever wondered why your cat is so clingy, you’re not alone. Many felines find human contact comforting, but there are also several causes of this behavior. Here are a few possible explanations: A change in a cat’s behavior is usually cause for concern, especially if it’s sudden. Your cat may simply be experiencing … Read more

why does my cat watch me eat

If you’ve ever wondered why your cat watches you eat, you are not alone. Millions of cat owners have experienced this strange behavior, but there are actually many different reasons why your cat likes to watch you eat. Some cats simply enjoy watching their human companions eat, while others might be fearful of the unknown … Read more

why does my cat pee in the sink

You may be asking yourself, why does my cat pee in the sink? It could be that your cat’s previous litter box has become a dirty mess, that the material is unpleasant, or that it’s no longer in an ideal location. If this is the case, your cat may be experiencing stress and needs time … Read more