Why Does My Cat Hate Other Cats

If you’re wondering why your cat hates other cats, you’re not alone. Many cats hate other cats for reasons that are completely unrelated. If your cat has an illness or is injured, for example, it may act aggressively around other cats. It’s best to visit a veterinarian to determine the cause of the problem. Often, … Read more

How to Neutralize Cat Feces in Soil

If you have a garden, you probably wonder how to neutralize cat feces on your soil. The truth is, there are several ways to eliminate the unpleasant smell. You can use a natural product or purchase an enzyme cleaner. In either case, you’ll want to use gloves to protect your skin and thoroughly wash your … Read more

Why Is My Cat Scooting

If you’ve been wondering why your cat is scooting, you’re not alone. There are many reasons your kitty might be showing her bum, and these behaviors can be a sign of more serious health problems. If your kitty is showing her bum every time you see her, consider the following. This behavior is a sign … Read more

why does my cat jump on my leg

Have you ever wondered why does my cat jump on my leg? Cats are natural hunters and will always have a wild side. This behavior is not aggressive, and is in fact common even in small kittens. Cats that jump on your leg are just marking territory, not showing aggression. However, cats that bite, hiss, … Read more

why does my cat lick me and then bite me

Why does my cat lick me and then bite? Your cat may not be aggressive or agitated, but this behavior is definitely not appropriate. It may be a way to express its affection and may also be a way to learn how to control it. Read on to discover how to handle a cat that … Read more

why doesn’t my cat purr anymore

Often, cats stop meowing due to a range of different reasons, from a simple irritation of the vocal cords to more serious physical problems. However, if you notice your cat does not meow anymore, it is worth consulting your vet. Some cats exhibit symptoms of an upper respiratory infection, including hoarseness and laryngitis. Your vet … Read more