Can You Give Rats A Bath

Rats are one of the cleanest animals around and they groom themselves just like a cat does. However there are times when you may need to give your rat a bath. If your rat smells bad or has gotten into something sticky or muddy then a bath may be necessary. You can give your rat a bath in a small sink or tub. Be sure to use a gentle non-toxic soap and warm water. Avoid getting soap in your rat’s eyes and ears. Also be careful not to get water in your rat’s nose. Rats are very good at holding their breath and will do so if they get water in their nose. Rats are also very good climbers so you may need to put a towel over their head to keep them from escaping.

After you have wet your rat and applied the soap gently massage it into their fur. You can use a soft toothbrush to help work the soap into their fur. Be sure to rinse your rat thoroughly to remove all the soap. You can then wrap your rat in a towel to dry them off. You can also put them in a warm dry place such as an oven set on the “warm” setting with the door open. Just be sure that the rat does not get too warm.

If you have never given a rat a bath before it may be a good idea to have someone help you the first time.

Can rats take baths?

Yes rats can take baths but they don’t need them as they are already very clean animals.

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