Are There Snakes In Ethiopia

There are more than 3000 species of snakes in the world and Ethiopia is home to around 60 of them. The most common snakes in Ethiopia are the spitting cobras which can reach up to two meters in length. Other common snakes include the puff adder the black mamba and the rhinoceros viper.

What is the capital of Ethiopia?

Addis Ababa

Who is the current Prime Minister of Ethiopia?

Abiy Ahmed

Which river forms part of Ethiopia’s border with Sudan?

The Blue Nile

What is the official language of Ethiopia?


What is the currency of Ethiopia?

The Ethiopian Birr

What is the population of Ethiopia?

Around 109 million

What is the area of Ethiopia?

1104300 square kilometers

What is the highest mountain in Ethiopia?

Mount Ras Dejen at 4543 meters

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What is the climate like in Ethiopia?

Generally tropical to subtropical with some areas of the highlands being temperate

Which Ethiopian city was founded by Emperor Menelik II in 1897?

Addis Ababa

Which ancient kingdom was located in Ethiopia?

The Kingdom of Aksum

What is the name of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church’s holy book?

The Kebra Nagast

What are the colors of the Ethiopian flag?

Green yellow red

What is Ethiopia’s GDP per capita?

$790 (2017)

What is the life expectancy in Ethiopia?


4 years (2017)

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