Are Snails Dangerous

No snails are not dangerous. In fact they are quite docile creatures that pose no threat to humans. However there are some species of snail that can carry harmful parasites that can infect humans if they come into contact with the mucous lining of the mouth or nose. These parasites can cause serious illnesses such as meningitis or encephalitis.

What is the biggest snail in the world?

The largest recorded snail was 15 cm (5.

9 in) long and weighed nearly 600 grams (1.

3 lb).

How long do snails live?

The average lifespan of a snail is 5 to 7 years.

What do snails eat?

Most snails are herbivorous eating plants algae and other vegetation.

How do snails reproduce?

Most snail species are hermaphrodites meaning each individual snail contains both male and female reproductive organs.

How fast do snails move?

The average speed of a snail is 0.

03 mph.

What is the scientific name for snails?

The scientific name for snails is Gastropoda.

What is the order of snails?

The order of snails is Gastropoda.

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What phylum do snails belong to?

The phylum of snails is Mollusca.

What class do snails belong to?

The class of snails is Gastropoda.

Are all snails slimy?

No not all snails are slimy.

Some species of snails have a hard calcareous shell.

Do all snails have shells?

No not all snails have shells.

Some species of snails are shell-less.

How many eyes do snails have?

Most snail species have two eyes on stalks that protrude from the snail’s head.

What is the function of a snail’s shell?

The snail’s shell provides protection from predators and the environment.

What is the difference between a snail and a slug?

The main difference between a snail and a slug is that snails have a shell while slugs do not.

Are snails dangerous?

No snails are not dangerous.

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