A Snake Head Eating The Head On The Opposite Side

A snake head eating the head on the opposite side is a very strange and interesting phenomenon. It’s been observed in a few different species of snakes and it’s still not entirely clear why it happens.

One theory is that it’s a form of aggression. When two snakes are in close quarters they may try to bite each other. If one of them happens to get a hold of the other’s head it may start to eat it.

Another theory is that it’s a way of getting rid of parasites. If a snake has parasites in its head it may try to eat them in order to get rid of them.

Whatever the reason it’s definitely a strange and fascinating thing to see. If you ever have the chance to witness it you’ll definitely be in for a treat!

What is the name of the process where a snakehead eats the head on the opposite side?


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