A Different Way Dj Snake

If you’re a fan of electronic music then you’ve probably heard of DJ Snake. He’s a French DJ and producer who has worked with some of the biggest names in the music industry including Lady Gaga Justin Bieber and Skrillex.

But what you may not know about DJ Snake is that he has a very different way of creating his music. Unlike other DJs and producers who rely on samples and loops DJ Snake creates his music using a process called “live recording.”

Live recording is a technique where the artist records real-life sounds and then uses them to create a song. For example DJ Snake might record the sound of a car engine revving up or a crowd cheering at a concert.

This process allows DJ Snake to create music that is much more organic and authentic sounding. It also gives him a lot more control over the final product.

“I like to be in control of everything” DJ Snake says. “Live recording gives me the ability to create sounds that are 100% me.”

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While live recording is a more time-consuming process it’s clear that it’s one that yields results that DJ Snake is happy with. And judging by the success of his music it’s a process that fans are happy with too.

What is the name of the artist who sings “a different way?

DJ Snake

What is the name of the song that “a different way” is from?


When was “a different way” released?

August 5 2016

What record label did “a different way” come from?


What is the genre of “a different way?


What is the length of “a different way?


Who wrote “a different way?

DJ Snake Justin Bieber Skrillex

Who produced “a different way?


What are the featured artists in “a different way?

DJ Snake Justin Bieber

What is the BPM of “a different way?


What is the time signature of “a different way?


What is the key of “a different way?

F# minor

What instruments are used in “a different way?

Vocals synth drums

What is the video concept of “a different way?

The music video features Snake and Bieber in a desert with Bieber driving a dune buggy and Snake riding a motorcycle.

Where was “a different way” filmed?

Joshua Tree California

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