what is the difference between geese and ducks

Although geese and ducks are both large flying birds, there is a fundamental difference between them. Canada geese can grow up to 1.5 meters in length and weigh as much as 15 kg. While most Canadian geese have a distinctly male plumage, the sexually dimorphic Paradise Shelduck of New Zealand is strikingly similar to its … Read more

when can ducks swim

Many duck lovers wonder when can ducks swim? While ducklings love to play in water, they might be too young to start swimming. While there is no universally accepted safe age, some experts say that they can swim as early as four weeks of age. The reason for this is that the ducklings’ oil glands … Read more

how much are ducks worth

If you have been wondering how much are ducks worth, you’re not alone. These pets are expensive to purchase and care for, and their rarity only adds to their value. You can find a great deal of value for your money by purchasing rare breeds such as Magpie Ducks, which lay about 290 eggs a … Read more

why do ducks migrate

Duck migration is an important feature of their life cycle. While most ducks migrate in their first year, some species travel miles and even kilometers toward their winter home. While the reasons for these migrations are complex, one explanation is that the birds follow a preferred route to save energy and find their food supply. … Read more

what is a ducks favourite colour

If you’ve ever wondered what is a ducks favourite color, you’re not alone. Most ducks actually share a common color preference, green. However, ducks’ preferences extend beyond the color wheel to include patterns. While humans tend to prefer blue and yellow, ducks can also appreciate green. In order to answer the question, let’s look at … Read more

how often do ducks poop

If you’re wondering how often do ducks poop, you’re not alone. You may also be wondering if the amount of food you feed them is a big factor in how much they poop. A qualified veterinarian can advise you on how much food to feed your ducks. If you’re not sure how much food to … Read more

why are baby ducks yellow

Why are baby ducks yellow? Those feathers are actually made of yellow pigment. This pigment helps the baby ducks to see in the dark and to see their parents and other ducklings. Pekin ducks have yellow feathers. They were originally blue-white, but have since warmed up to become a creamy-white color. Baby ducks can also … Read more

how to keep ducks from eating plants

If you’ve got a garden, you’re probably wondering how to keep ducks from eating your plants. Although plastic ducks are sold at sporting goods stores, they can be a real nuisance and can wreck your garden in no time. By placing chicken wire in their area, you can prevent them from eating your plants and … Read more

how to keep ducks from flying away

When you have a flock of ducks, one of your primary concerns may be that your pets might fly away, but there are several ways to prevent this from happening. One common method is clipping the wings of your ducks. Clipping is a simple solution, but it must be done carefully. Other options include attaching … Read more

why do ducks quack at night

There is no one definite reason why ducks quack at night, but they all seem to have similar answers. If you notice that your ducks seem to be louder during the night, it may be because they’re feeling scared or in danger. If this is happening, the first thing to do is to separate noisy … Read more