Woman Who Had A Pet Lion For 15 Years

In the early 2000s a woman in Sudan named Haidar Ali Noor purchased a lion cub from a local market. For the next 15 years she kept the lion as a pet despite repeated warnings from family and friends about the dangers of doing so.

The lion which she named Simba was a gentle giant and quickly became a part of the family. Haidar took him for walks played with him in the yard and even let him sleep in her bed.

Sadly in 2015 Simba attacked and killed a young boy who had been playing with him. Haidar was devastated by the incident and gave Simba away to a local zoo.

While it may seem like a crazy idea to keep a lion as a pet for Haidar and Simba it worked out for many years. It just goes to show that sometimes the most unlikely companions can form the strongest bonds.

How did this woman acquire her pet lion?

She found him as a cub and raised him herself.

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How long did she have him as a pet?

She had him for 15 years.

How did she keep him as a pet?

She kept him in a cage in her backyard.

What did she feed him?

She fed him a diet of raw meat and vegetables.

How did she exercise him?

She would take him for walks on a leash.

What did she do when he got too big to keep in a cage?

She moved him to a fenced-in enclosure in her backyard.

How did she train him?

She trained him with positive reinforcement techniques.

What did she do when he started to exhibit aggressive behavior?

She sought out the help of a professional trainer.

How did she keep him from escaping?

She kept him in a secure enclosure with a strong fence.

How did she handle him when he got old and weak?

She nursed him back to health and kept him comfortable in his old age.

How did she feel about him?

She loved him dearly and was devastated when he passed away.

Would she do it again?

She said she would never have another pet lion as it was too much responsibility.

What advice would she give to others considering getting a pet lion?

She advises against it as it is a huge responsibility and not something to be taken lightly.

How much did it cost to care for him?

It cost her thousands of dollars a year to care for him.

Was it worth it?

She says it was worth it as he was a member of her family and she loved him dearly.

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