Why Is The Campaign Rated R

The new “Why is the campaign rated R” blog post from the ESRB has arrived and it’s full of juicy details pertaining to the rating.

“The ESRB has announced that the upcoming Why is the campaign rated R? campaign will be rated R. The campaign is designed to raise awareness of the rating system among parents and will be supported by a national TV online and print advertising campaign.

“The Why is the campaign rated R? campaign is a response to continued concerns from parents about the content their children are exposed to when playing video games” said ESRB President Patricia Vance. “This campaign is designed to help parents better understand the ESRB rating system so they can make informed choices about the video games they purchase for their families.”

The Why is the campaign rated R? campaign will feature a 60-second TV spot that will air on primetime and cable television as well as online video ads and print ads in major magazines. The campaign will also include a website whyisitratedr.com that parents can visit to learn more about the ESRB rating system.

“The ESRB rating system is the gold standard for helping parents make informed decisions about the video games their children play” said Vance. “We’re committed to making sure that parents have the tools they need to understand the ratings and make the best choices for their families.”

So why is the campaign rated R? According to the ESRB the decision was made due to the “graphic and intense” nature of the TV spot which features a “confrontational tone” and “scenes of chaos and destruction.”

“The Why is the campaign rated R? campaign is designed to educate parents about the ESRB rating system and the TV spot is an important part of that effort” said Vance. “The spot uses a graphic and intense scene to illustrating the difference between the ESRB’s age-appropriate ratings categories.”

The Why is the campaign rated R? campaign is set to launch on November 16.

Is the campaign rated R for its graphic violence?

No the campaign is not rated R for its graphic violence.

The campaign is rated R for its strong language sexual content and drug use.

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