Why Is Only Murders In The Building Rated Ma

There are a variety of reasons why only murders in the building are rated MA. One reason is that it is a highly graphic and disturbing act. If a movie were to show for example a person being slowly killed by a serial killer it would be extremely upsetting and potentially triggering for some viewers. Additionally murder is a criminal act and showing it on screen in a realistic way could be seen as condoning or glorifying violence.

Another reason why only murders in the building are rated MA is because they are often accompanied by other mature content such as drug use sexual violence and strong language. This type of content is not appropriate for younger viewers and it would be difficult to edit out without completely changing the tone and content of the film.

Ultimately it is up to the individual film rating board to decide whether or not a film is appropriate for a particular rating. However in general only murders in the building are rated MA because they are extremely violent and disturbing and often contain other mature content.

What is the rating for only murders in the building?


Why is only murders in the building rated MA?

Because it contains mature content that may not be suitable for all audiences.

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