Why Is Marriage Story Rated R

The highly anticipated film Marriage Story has finally arrived and it’s been garnering rave reviews across the board. But one thing that’s caught some people off guard is the film’s rating of R.

It’s not uncommon for films that deal with serious subject matter to be rated R but Marriage Story is a bit different. For one it’s a comedy-drama and secondly it’s a film about marriage. So why the R rating?

Well according to the Motion Picture Association of America the rating is due to “language and sexual references.”Specifically there are “approximately 140 F-words and its derivatives” as well as some pretty explicit sexual references.

So why is the film rated R and not NC-17? Well the latter rating is essentially a death sentence for a film as most theaters won’t show NC-17 films and most newspapers and magazines won’t carry ads for them.

So while an R rating may not be ideal it’s better than NC-17. And in the end it really doesn’t matter all that much. The film is still a must-see regardless of its rating.

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