Why Is Don T Breathe Rated R

There are a few reasons why the movie Don’t Breathe is rated R. Firstly the movie is extremely violent and gory with scenes of characters being brutally killed. Secondly there is a lot of sexual content in the movie including scenes of rape and sexual assault. Finally the movie contains strong language throughout. All of these elements combine to make Don’t Breathe a very intense and disturbing movie that is not suitable for younger audiences.

Why was “Don’t Breathe” given an R-rating?

“Don’t Breathe” was given an R-rating for violence and terror.

What happened in the movie “Don’t Breathe”?

A group of friends break into the house of a blind man thinking he will be an easy target.

However the man turns out to be a much more formidable opponent than they expected.

Why did the characters in “Don’t Breathe” break into the blind man’s house?

The characters in “Don’t Breathe” broke into the blind man’s house because they thought he would be an easy target.

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How does the blind man defend himself in “Don’t Breathe”?

The blind man uses his other senses to help him fight back against the intruders.

What is the ending of “Don’t Breathe”?

The ending of “Don’t Breathe” is ambiguous but it seems that the blind man may have killed the intruders.

Is “Don’t Breathe” a horror movie?

Yes “Don’t Breathe” is a horror movie.

Is “Don’t Breathe” a thriller?

Yes “Don’t Breathe” is a thriller.

Is “Don’t Breathe” a suspenseful movie?

Yes “Don’t Breathe” is a suspenseful movie.

What genre does “Don’t Breathe” belong to?

“Don’t Breathe” is a horror movie.

What are the reviews for “Don’t Breathe”?

The reviews for “Don’t Breathe” are mostly positive with many critics praising the suspense and terror of the movie.

Where does “Don’t Breathe” take place?

“Don’t Breathe” takes place in Detroit Michigan.

Who is the main character in “Don’t Breathe”?

The main character in “Don’t Breathe” is Rocky one of the intruders.

What is the object of Rocky’s desire in “Don’t Breathe”?

Rocky’s object of desire is money which she intends to steal from the blind man’s house.

Rocky is a__ in “Don’t Breathe”.

Rocky is a teenager in “Don’t Breathe”.

“Don’t Breathe” is a __ movie.

“Don’t Breathe” is a suspenseful movie.

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