Why Is Dirty Grandpa Rated R

R-rated films are typically those that contain strong or graphic violence strong language explicit sexuality or drug use. R-rated films may also include scenes of nude or semi-nude subjects.

Dirty Grandpa is rated R due to its strong language graphic nudity drug use and sexual content. The film revolves around an elderly man who tricks his grandson into taking him on a road trip to Florida in order to meet a young woman. Along the way the two engage in a variety of lewd and offensive behaviors.

While some may find the film’s content offensive others may appreciate its strong comedic elements. No matter what your opinion is of the film it’s important to remember that each person’s opinion is valid.


What is the main reason that Dirty Grandpa is rated R?

Answer: The most significant reason that Dirty Grandpa is rated R is due to its strong crude sexual content and graphic nudity.


What kind of sexual content is in the film?

Answer: Dirty Grandpa includes several scenes with strong sexual content including Fidelio’s (Grandpa’s) seduction of Lenore (his granddaughter’s roommate) and a number of graphic sexual encounters.


How much graphic nudity is in the film?

Answer: There is a fair amount of graphic nudity in Dirty Grandpa including a topless scene with Lenore and a number of other characters in various stages of undress throughout the film.


Is the crude sexual content and graphic nudity the only reasons that Dirty Grandpa is rated R?

Answer: No the film also features strong language drug use and some violence.


How strong is the language in Dirty Grandpa?

Answer: The film features a fair amount of strong language including multiple uses of words like “f*ck” “sh*t” and “c*nt”.


What kind of drug use is featured in the film?

Answer: The film includes scenes of characters using and abusing a number of drugs including cocaine ecstasy and marijuana.


Is the violence in Dirty Grandpa particularly graphic or disturbing?

Answer: Some of the violence in the film including a scene where a character is run over by a car is fairly graphic and may be disturbing to some viewers.


What else should potential viewers be aware of before watching Dirty Grandpa?

Answer: In addition to the strong content mentioned above Dirty Grandpa also includes a fair amount of crude humor.


Is Dirty Grandpa a comedy?

Answer: While it includes some comedic elements Dirty Grandpa is primarily a drama.


Who stars in Dirty Grandpa?

Answer: Robert De Niro and Zac Efron star in the film.


Who directed Dirty Grandpa?

Answer: Dan Mazer directed the film.


What is the general plot of Dirty Grandpa?

Answer: The film follows Jason (Efron) a uptight young man as he is tricked by his grandfather (De Niro) into taking a road trip to Florida just days before his wedding.


Is Dirty Grandpa based on a book?

Answer: No Dirty Grandpa is not based on a book.


What have critics been saying about Dirty Grandpa?

Answer: Critic reviews for the film have been mixed with some praising the film’s humor and performances and others criticizing its crass and offensive content.


Is Dirty Grandpa a movie that everyone will enjoy?

Answer: No Dirty Grandpa is not a movie that everyone will enjoy.

It is a crude and offensive film that is likely to only appeal to a certain type of viewer.

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