Why Is Dead Man Down Rated R

If you’re looking for an action-packed movie with plenty of violence then Dead Man Down is probably right up your alley. The movie was rated R by the Motion Picture Association of America for “strong bloody violence throughout language and some sexuality/nudity.”

So why is Dead Man Down rated R?

Well for starters there’s a lot of violence in the movie. The main character Victor (played by Colin Farrell) is a professional killer who is trying to exact revenge on the man who killed his family. As you can imagine this involves a lot of killings both by Victor and by his enemies. There’s also a scene where Victor tortures a man for information which is pretty brutal.

In addition to the violence there is also some language in the movie that would earn it an R rating. There’s plenty of F-bombs dropped as well as some other profanity.

Finally there is some sexuality and nudity in the movie. There’s a scene where Victor’s love interest Beatrice (played by Noomi Rapace) takes a shower and we see her naked body. There’s also a sex scene between Victor and Beatrice although it’s not particularly graphic.

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So those are the main reasons why Dead Man Down is rated R. If you’re okay with seeing lots of violence hearing some bad language and seeing some nudity then you should be able to handle the movie. Just be warned that it’s not for the faint of heart.

Why is Dead Man Down rated R?

Answer: Due to its strong violence language and sexual content

What happens in Dead Man Down?

Answer: A man seeks revenge on the gang that killed his wife and child

Who stars in Dead Man Down?

Answer: Colin Farrell Noomi Rapace and Terrence Howard

What is the genre of Dead Man Down?

Answer: Action Crime Thriller

What is the runtime of Dead Man Down?

Answer: 118 minutes

When was Dead Man Down released?

Answer: March 8 2013

Where was Dead Man Down filmed?

Answer: New York City New York USA

Who directed Dead Man Down?

Answer: Niels Arden Oplev

Who wrote the screenplay for Dead Man Down?

Answer: J.



Who produced Dead Man Down?

Answer: Neal Moritz Toby Jaffe and Erik Howsam

What is the budget of Dead Man Down?

Answer: $30 million

What is the box office gross of Dead Man Down?

Answer: $31.

7 million

What are the critical reception of Dead Man Down?

Answer: The film received mixed reviews from critics

What are some awards that Dead Man Down has been nominated for?

Answer: Dead Man Down was nominated for Best Villain at the MTV Movie Awards

What is the tagline of Dead Man Down?

Answer: “There is no justice without revenge.

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