Why Does My Dog Run Sideways

If you’ve ever wondered why your dog runs sideways, you’re not alone. Many dogs exhibit the same odd gait as people. Some walk with heavy, long strides, while others seem to walk in circles when excited. There’s no need to worry if your dog suddenly starts running sideways – it’s likely that he or she is just growing into their body. But there are some causes that you should be aware of.

why does my dog run sideways

Some of these causes are harmless, but you should be aware of them. Some dogs experience this problem because they have more dominant legs than others. Their dominant legs push off harder and push the body in a sideways orientation. Fortunately, this problem typically goes away as a dog gets older and can be corrected with physical therapy. Other common causes of sideways gait in dogs include hip dysplasia, a disorder of the hips that causes malformations.

In some cases, your dog’s gait may be caused by something structural. Another cause is an ear infection. Some dogs avoid making contact with their legs because of pain in their ears. Aside from these conditions, your dog could be experiencing a vascular brain problem or stroke. In addition, some medications may be causing your dog to walk sideways. If you’re worried about your dog’s gait, consult a vet.

Crab-walking, also known as sidewinding, is another common cause of sideways walking. The motions of sidewinding look like your dog has lost his equilibrium. It’s a common behavior in dogs, but it’s not as frightening as it may seem. For younger dogs, crab-walking may simply be a learned behavior. However, it’s best to seek medical attention for any cause of sideways walking.

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Seizures are a common cause of sideways walking, but there are other causes as well. Dogs may have an imbalance between the dominant and non-dominant side, which causes the dog to push off the ground more forcefully. Dogs can also experience seizures if they’re suffering from systemic diseases or tumors. MRI is the only way to definitively diagnose a brain tumor in an elderly dog.

Other possible causes include an ear infection. Infection in the ear can cause the dog to walk sideways, but it’s not always an emergency. The symptoms include excessive scratching, odor, and more wax than usual. Some dog breeds are more prone to developing ear infections, such as long-eared dogs. However, most dogs will grow out of them. However, if your dog keeps walking sideways and exhibiting other symptoms, it could be an indication of an ear infection.

While dogs with side-dominance may run sideways, they also run in a straight line. The front legs of a dog in a full-on gallop have parallel feet, which help it maintain a more even alignment. In contrast, dogs in other gaits have diagonal feet and may crab to avoid tripping over their own feet. In any case, the condition should be evaluated as soon as possible.

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