Why Do Frogs Suddenly Stop Croaking

If you’ve ever been outside on a warm summer night you’ve probably heard the chorus of frogs croaking. But have you ever wondered why they suddenly stop?

Frogs are amphibians which means they spend part of their lives in water and part of their lives on land. They start their lives as tadpoles in water then transform into frogs and live on land.

They need to return to water to mate and lay their eggs. After the eggs hatch the tadpoles grow into frogs and the cycle begins again.

So why do frogs suddenly stop croaking?

It’s because they’re getting ready to mate. Male frogs croak to attract females and to warn other males to stay away from their territory.

When the mating season is over the frogs stop croaking and return to their normal lives.

Frogs are just one of the many animals that use sound to communicate. Birds sing whales sing even insects chirp and click.

Animals use sound to communicate because it’s an efficient way to send a message over long distances. And for some animals like frogs it’s the only way to communicate.

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