What States Have Food Lion

According to Food Lion’s website they are located in the following states:

“Alabama Arkansas Delaware Florida Georgia Kentucky Louisiana Maryland Mississippi Missouri North Carolina Pennsylvania South Carolina Tennessee Virginia West Virginia”

Food Lion is a popular grocery store chain in the southeastern United States. They offer a wide variety of food items and prices that are typically lower than competing stores. Food Lion is known for their ” MVP Card” which gives shoppers discounts on certain items.

What state was Food Lion founded in?

North Carolina

How many states does Food Lion currently operate in?


Does Food Lion have any international locations?


What is the name of Food Lion’s parent company?

Delhaize Group

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What year did Food Lion first open its doors?


How many supermarket locations does Food Lion currently have?


What is the slogan of Food Lion?

“More Savings.

More Choices.

What types of products does Food Lion sell?

Food beverages cleaning supplies toiletries health and beauty products and more.

Food Lion is known for its low prices.

How does the company keep prices low?

Food Lion keeps prices low by operating with a no-frills approach and a minimal number of employees.

Does Food Lion offer any services in addition to selling products?

Yes Food Lion offers a number of services such as a pharmacy a floral department and a bakery.

What is the mascot of Food Lion?

Food Lion’s mascot is a lion named Leo.

What is the primary color associated with Food Lion?

The primary color associated with Food Lion is blue.

How does Food Lion handle food waste?

Food Lion donates unsold food to local food banks and hunger relief organizations.

What is Food Lion’s policy on genetically modified organisms (GMOs)?

Food Lion does not sell products that contain GMOs.

What is the minimum age requirement to work at Food Lion?

The minimum age requirement to work at Food Lion is 16.

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