What Is The Zebras Name In Peppa Pig

The name of the zebra in Peppa Pig is Stripes. He is a very friendly zebra who lives in the jungle with his family. His best friend is a giraffe named Giraffe.

What is the name of the zebra in Peppa Pig?

The zebra’s name is Ziba.

How many stripes does Ziba have?

Ziba has twenty-six stripes.

What color are Ziba’s stripes?

Ziba’s stripes are black and white.

Where does Ziba live?

Ziba lives in Africa.

Does Ziba like to eat bananas?

Yes Ziba likes to eat bananas.

Does Ziba like to play with other animals?

Yes Ziba likes to play with other animals.

What is Ziba’s favorite game?

Ziba’s favorite game is hide and seek.

What is Ziba’s favorite food?

Ziba’s favorite food is grass.

What does Ziba drink?

Ziba drinks water.

How does Ziba travel?

Ziba travels by running.

What is Ziba’s favorite toy?

Ziba’s favorite toy is a ball.

Does Ziba like to be petted?

Yes Ziba likes to be petted.

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What is Ziba’s favorite color?

Ziba’s favorite color is green.

What does Ziba like to do for fun?

Ziba likes to run and play.

What is Ziba’s favorite place to go?

Ziba’s favorite place to go is the zoo.

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