What Is the Difference Between Guinea Pigs and Hamsters

what is the difference between guinea pigs and hamsters

If you’re deciding between a guinea pig or a hamster, there are some important differences you should know. Guinea pigs are smaller than hamsters and tend to live indoors. Their hutches should be large enough to provide plenty of room for them to roam. A hamster wheel, meanwhile, will hurt your guinea pig’s spine. Instead, buy a bigger cage for them.

Guinea pigs need extra vitamin C in their diet because they cannot make it themselves, unlike humans. Treats such as orange slices, spinach, carrot sticks, and yogurt-dipped Timothy hay provide the necessary nutrients. Hamsters, on the other hand, don’t need extra vitamin C, and can get it from their pellet diet and occasional treats. For optimal health, they should have at least one tablespoon of commercial food and seed mix daily.

Both guinea pigs and chamsters have distinct features. While hamsters have tiny, wingless legs, guinea pigs have long, stubby bodies. They’re also not very active. Although they look similar, they have different personalities and physical characteristics. They differ in their ability to sit and crawl, which makes them difficult to distinguish.

The most important difference between hamsters and guinea pigs is their diet. Guinea pigs eat plants and caecal feces. Their poop is softer and lighter in color than other feces and contains vitamins. On the other hand, hamsters eat meat and vegetables. There are approximately 25 species of hamsters, including the Golden hamster.

Guinea pigs require a larger habitat than hamsters. Unlike hamsters, guinea pigs can adapt easily to frequent handling and can be trained to wear harnesses. Although hamsters require a small habitat and smaller toys, they are entertaining to watch and can be a great pet for newbies. These two animals are also very different in temperament.

One major difference between hamsters and guinea pigs is their sleeping habits. Hamsters are nocturnal animals and spend most of their waking hours asleep. The average guinea pig, on the other hand, spends most of its time awake. They typically awaken at around 8pm. This difference could make it difficult for your guinea pig to sleep in a cage without feeling threatened.

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Guinea pigs have more patience than hamsters, but both types of pet require a good environment and good care. Hamsters can bite and are not the best pets for small children. Hamsters are better handled when they are young, but are far less patient once they’re an adult. The difference between guinea pigs and hamsters can be important for your pet’s health and happiness.

A guinea pig is generally more social than a hamster, and both breeds can live for four to eight years. A hamster lives only two to three years. A guinea pig can live for up to ten years. While they can live together in a small space, they are best kept separately. Neither breed of pig is likely to thrive in a large area.

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