What Is That Snake

What is that snake? The snake is a long thin legless reptile that coils itself up to strike its prey. It is found in a wide variety of habitats from the tropical rainforests of South America to the arid deserts of Africa.

There are over 3000 species of snakes ranging in size from the tiny thread snake (which is less than 10 cm long) to the giant reticulated python (which can grow up to 7 m in length). Snakes are found on every continent except Antarctica.

The majority of snakes are non-venomous but some snakes (such as cobras vipers and rattlesnakes) are highly venomous and can be dangerous to humans.

Most snakes are carnivorous preying on small mammals birds reptiles and amphibians. Some snakes such as the boa constrictor kill their prey by coiling their body around it and squeezing it until it suffocates.

Some snakes such as the green tree python eat mostly insects. Others such as the anaconda are adept at catching and consuming fish.

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Snakes are often feared by humans but they are actually beneficial to our environment. They help to keep populations of rodents and other pests under control and many species of snakes are popular in the pet trade.

If you see a snake in the wild it is best to leave it alone. Many people are bitten by snakes each year and some of these bites can be fatal. If you are bitten by a snake seek medical attention immediately.

what is that snake?

Answer: It is a garter snake.

What kind of snake is that?

Answer: It is a garter snake.

Is that a poisonous snake?

Answer: No it is not a poisonous snake.

What does a garter snake look like?

Answer: A garter snake is a thin snake with stripes running down the length of its body.

Where do garter snakes live?

Answer: Garter snakes can be found in North America.

What do garter snakes eat?

Answer: Garter snakes eat small amphibians such as frogs and toads.

How long do garter snakes get?

Answer: Garter snakes can grow to be between two and five feet long.

How long do garter snakes live?

Answer: Garter snakes typically live for three to five years.

What is the predators of a garter snake?

Answer: Garter snakes have many predators including birds mammals and other snakes.

How do garter snakes defend themselves?

Answer: When threatened garter snakes will often coil up and strike at their predator.

What is the lifespan of a garter snake in the wild?

Answer: Garter snakes in the wild typically live for three to five years.

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What is the average length of a garter snake?

Answer: The average garter snake is between two and five feet long.

What do baby garter snakes look like?

Answer: Baby garter snakes look like miniature versions of adults.

They typically have the same markings and coloration as their parents.

How many eggs does a female garter snake lay?

Answer: A female garter snake can lay between 10 and 40 eggs at a time.

When do garter snakes hatch from their eggs?

Answer: Garter snakes typically hatch from their eggs in late summer or early fall.

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