What Is Sifu Rated

Sifu is a Chinese title for a martial arts instructor. It is typically used as a sign of respect.

What is Sifu rated?

Sifu is not currently rated by the MPAA.

When was Sifu released?

Sifu was released on March 28th 2017.

Who directed Sifu?

Sifu was directed by Dustin Lee.

Who wrote Sifu?

Sifu was written by Dustin Lee.

Who starred in Sifu?

Sifu starred Simon Yam and Louis Koo.

What is the runtime of Sifu?

Sifu has a runtime of 94 minutes.

What country was Sifu filmed in?

Sifu was filmed in Hong Kong.

What language was Sifu filmed in?

Sifu was filmed in Cantonese.

What is the budget of Sifu?

Sifu’s budget is unknown.

What is the box office gross of Sifu?

Sifu’s box office gross is unknown.

What genre is Sifu?

Sifu is a crime drama.

What is the plot of Sifu?

The plot of Sifu is about a HKPD detective named Ma Kwun (Simon Yam) who is investigating a string of murders.

He soon discovers that the killer is a skilled martial artist and sets out to track him down.

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Meanwhile another detective named Ho Sheung-sing (Louis Koo) is also on the case and the two men soon find themselves in a race to find the killer first.

What are the critical reception of Sifu?

Sifu has not been reviewed by many critics yet but those who have generally seem to enjoy it.

The film currently holds a rating of 100% on Rotten Tomatoes based on 5 reviews.

What are some trivia about Sifu?

-Sifu is based on a novel by Chinese writer Xu Haofeng who also wrote the script for the film.

-The film’s title means “teacher” in Mandarin.

-Dustin Lee the film’s director is a former stuntman.

Where can I watch Sifu?

Sifu is not currently available to stream online but it can be rented or purchased on DVD.

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