What Does The Snake In The Little Prince Represent

The snake in The Little Prince represents a number of things. On a surface level the snake is a symbol of danger and temptation as he convince the Little Prince to leave his home and embark on a journey. The snake is also representative of change and transformation as he is the one who helps the Little Prince to change form when he returns home at the end of the story.

On a deeper level the snake can be seen as a symbol of wisdom and knowledge. The fact that he is able to convince the Little Prince to leave his home shows that he has a greater understanding of the world than the Prince does. The snake is also able to help the Prince to change form which can be seen as a metaphor for the Prince gaining wisdom and knowledge during his journey.

The snake is an important symbol in The Little Prince and his role in the story is significant. He is a representation of danger change wisdom and knowledge and his presence in the story helps to further the plot and develop the themes.

What does the snake in the little prince represent?

Answer: The snake in the little prince represents change and renewal.

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