What Does Snakes Like To Eat

According to the San Diego Zoo snakes like to eat small mammals such as rodents or bats. They also like to eat lizards frogs eggs and carrion (dead animals). Some snakes are even known to eat other snakes!

What does a snake like to eat?

Answer 1: Small mammals such as rodents or rabbits.

They will also consume birds eggs lizards and other snakes.

Why do snakes eat their prey whole?

Answer 2: Snakes lack the ability to chew their food so they must consume their prey whole.

How do snakes digest their prey?

Answer 3: Snakes have a very long digestive system that allows them to digest their prey over an extended period of time.

Do all snakes eat the same thing?

Answer 4: No different snakes have different diets.

For example some snakes may eat insects while others may only eat mammals.

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Do snakes eat every day?

Answer 5: No snakes typically eat every few days.

How often do baby snakes eat?

Answer 6: Baby snakes eat more frequently than adult snakes typically every day or every other day.

What happens if a snake doesn’t eat?

Answer 7: If a snake doesn’t eat it will eventually starve to death.

What is the largest thing a snake can eat?

Answer 8: The largest thing a snake can eat is determined by the size of its mouth.

The snake’s mouth can only open so wide so it can only consume prey that is small enough to fit inside.

Do snakes eat with their mouths open or closed?

Answer 9: Snakes eat with their mouths closed.

They open their mouths wide and unhinge their lower jaws to consume their prey.

How do snakes know when their prey is dead?

Answer 10: Snakes have a keen sense of smell and can often tell when their prey is dead.

They will also often eat the prey while it is still alive and struggle.

Do all snakes kill their prey before eating it?

Answer 11: No some snakes will eat their prey alive.

How does a snake kill its prey?

Answer 12: Depending on the size and strength of the snake it will either constrict its prey or deliver a lethal bite.

What is the difference between constrictors and non-constrictors?

Answer 13: Constrictors kill their prey by wrapping their bodies around it and squeezing it until it suffocates.

Non-constrictors kill their prey by delivering a lethal bite.

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Do all snakes constrict their prey?

Answer 14: No only certain species of snakes constrict their prey.

How long does it take for a snake to digest its prey?

Answer 15: It typically takes a snake several days to digest its prey.

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