What Can You Catch With A Frog Lure

A frog lure is a type of fishing bait that is designed to mimic the appearance and movement of a frog. Frog lures are often used to target largemouth bass but can also be effective for other types of fish such as pike muskie and trout.

Frog lures come in a variety of sizes colors and styles. Many are made to float on the surface of the water and have legs that kick and move as they are retrieved. This action can be irresistible to fish and frog lures are often credited with causing explosive strikes.

Frog lures can be fished in a number of ways. They can be simply cast and retrieved or used in conjunction with other techniques such as topwater walking or dropper rigs. No matter how they are fished frog lures are sure to bring a smile to any angler’s face when a big fish strikes.

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What is the average lifespan of a frog?

Around 10-12 years.

What do young frogs eat?

Small insects.

How do frogs drink?

They suck the water up through their mouths and throat and into their stomachs.

What is the record for the longest jump by a frog?

33 feet 5.

5 inches (10.

19 meters).

What is the smallest frog in the world?

The Kenyan golden frog which is about 7-9 mm long.

What is the largest frog in the world?

The goliath frog which can grow up to 32 cm (12.

6 inches) long.

What is the difference between a frog and a toad?

Toads tend to be drier and have bumpier skin than frogs.

They also tend to spend more time on land than frogs.

How many times can a frog blink its eyes per second?

3-4 times per second.

What is the primary purpose of a frog’s tongue?

To catch prey.

What is the primary predators of frogs?

Snakes birds and large mammals.

What color are poison dart frogs?

They can be red yellow blue or green.

What is the primary purpose of a frog’s webbed feet?

To help them swim.

How many times can a frog mate in one year?

Up to 3 times.

What is the gestation period for a frog?

2-4 weeks.

How many eggs can a frog lay at one time?

Up to 20000 eggs.

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