Is Jake The Snake Still Alive

Yes Jake the Snake is still alive. He’s now 58 years old and living in Austin Texas. In February 2019 he was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame.

Roberts was born in Gainesville Georgia on May 30 1955. He was raised by his mother and stepfather who was a professional wrestler. His biological father Aurelian Smith Sr. was also a wrestler but died when Roberts was just four years old. Roberts began watching wrestling matches with his stepfather when he was just five years old.

In the early 1970s Roberts began training to be a wrestler under the tutelage of Jody Hamilton and Forest Law. He made his professional debut in 1976 wrestling under the name “The Georgia Champion”.

In 1978 Roberts changed his wrestling name to “Jake the Snake” and began wrestling in the World Wrestling Federation (WWF now WWE). He quickly gained popularity with his snake-like gimmick which included bringing a live snake into the ring with him.

In 1986 Roberts was involved in one of the most famous (and controversial) moments in WWE history. During a match with André the Giant Roberts was bitten by André’s pet snake which injected venom into Roberts’ bloodstream. Roberts sold the incident well acting as though he was in immense pain and on the verge of death. He was eventually helped to the back by WWF officials and did not return to the ring for several weeks.

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While Roberts was away from the ring he began to develop a serious drug addiction. He battled his addiction for many years culminating in a highly publicized relapse in 1992.

Roberts has been sober since 2013 and in recent years he has been working as a motivational speaker and preacher. He has also made several cameo appearances in WWE programming.

Is Jake the snake still alive?

Yes Jake the snake is still alive.

How old is Jake the snake?

Jake the snake is 54 years old.

What type of snake is Jake the snake?

Jake the snake is a reticulated python.

Where does Jake the snake live?

Jake the snake lives in Australia.

What is Jake the snake’s favorite food?

Jake the snake’s favorite food is rats.

How long is Jake the snake?

Jake the snake is 20 feet long.

How much does Jake the snake weigh?

Jake the snake weighs 150 pounds.

When was Jake the snake born?

Jake the snake was born on June 6 1966.

Who is Jake the snake’s owner?

Jake the snake’s owner is Bill Haast.

What is the name of Jake the snake’s offspring?

Jake the snake’s offspring is named Zeus.

How many offspring does Jake the snake have?

Jake the snake has 36 offspring.

What was Jake the snake’s previous owner’s name?

Jake the snake’s previous owner’s name was John Hammond.

What zoo was Jake the snake previously kept at?

Jake the snake was previously kept at the Sydney Zoo.

When did Bill Haast acquire Jake the snake?

Bill Haast acquired Jake the snake in 1969.

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What is the name of the snake that Jake the snake was mated with?

The name of the snake that Jake the snake was mated with is Eve.

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