Is A Possum A Rat

Possums and rats are often confused because they are both small rodents with sharp claws. However there are several key differences between the two animals. Possums are actually marsupials meaning they have a pouch where they carry their young. Rats on the other hand are mammals that do not have a pouch.

Possums are also typically larger than rats. While the average rat weighs around 10 ounces possums can weigh up to 15 pounds. Another key difference is that possums have shorter tails than rats. And possums have furry tails while rats have hairless tails with a naked scaly appearance.

Possums are also better climbers than rats. This is due to their sharp claws and the fact that their hind legs are longer than their front legs. This gives them extra leverage when climbing. Rats on the other hand are not as good at climbing because they have shorter legs overall.

Finally possums are nocturnal animals while rats are active during the day. So if you see a small furry creature scurrying around your home at night it is more likely to be a possum than a rat.

Is a possum a rat?

No a possum is not a rat.

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