How to Ship a Bearded Dragon

To ship a bearded dragon safely, you must follow some simple steps. First of all, make sure your bearded dragon is in good health. You should not feed it before shipping. Also, make sure it is well-hydrated before shipping. A good way to prepare your beardie for shipping is to bathe it the day before. If you are shipping your beardie yourself, you can make your own shipping box. Use a box that has an insulated liner to protect the beardie from any cold air.

It’s important to get your beardie from a reputable breeder who will ship it safely. If you buy your beardie from a store, you may end up with a poorly bred beardie. Be sure to read the seller’s feedback carefully, as it can be a warning sign. Also, bearded dragons can be very expensive. It’s not uncommon to receive the wrong sex in a guaranteed sex dragon. It’s also possible to get a beardie that is dehydrated, sick, or even dead when shipped.

Once you have a good carrier, the next step is to pack it. Use a small plastic or metal carrier. Be sure to choose a carrier that has proper ventilation, and don’t use fabric carriers, as bearded dragon claws can easily puncture them. You can also line the container with soft towels for the beardie’s safety. Lastly, be sure to check the laws in the destination country to make sure that your beardie is in accordance with local regulations.

While the transporter might not be able to inspect every carrier for debris, it is necessary to make sure that the beardie’s carrier is completely clean. If there is a spill, you should immediately wipe it up. Using a heating pad will help keep the temperature comfortable throughout the journey. A heating pad won’t help your beardie digest, but it will keep its body temperature comfortable. Keep in mind that the beardie needs a warm spot where it can bask and cool off.

Depending on the length of the trip, you may need to purchase additional supplies. Heat lamps, UV light, and food should be available. You may want to reconsider taking your beardie on a longer trip or if it’s flying. If the trip is over two days, it might be better to pack more items than necessary. There’s nothing worse than a shivering beardie when you are in a foreign country.

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Another way to make the travel experience easier for your beardie is to use a pet transport service. Most pet transport services have experience with critters and will take extra precautions to keep your beardie safe. You can also hire someone to watch your beardie dragon while you are away. If you plan to leave your beardie with someone, be sure to take extra precautions and follow the rules of the road.

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