How To Get The Snake Mod

Getting the snake mod is simple and only requires a few quick and easy steps!

First you’ll need to download the snake mod file from our website. Once you have the file you’ll need to unzip it and then open it up in your preferred text editor.

Next you’ll need to copy the code from the snake mod file and paste it into the mod folder for your game. For most games this folder is located in the game’s installation directory.

Once you’ve pasted the code into the mod folder you’ll need to save the file and then close it.

Now you’ll need to launch the game and open up the console. To do this you’ll need to press the “~” key while the game is open.

Once the console is open you’ll need to type in “loadmod snake” and hit enter.

And that’s it! The snake mod will now be loaded and you can start playing around with it!

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How do you get the snake mod in Minecraft?

You can get the snake mod by going to the Minecraft website and downloading it from the mods section.

How do you install the snake mod?

You can install the snake mod by opening the Minecraft launcher and going to the “Mods” section.

Then click “Open Mods Folder” and drag the downloaded file into that folder.

What do you need to do to get the snake mod?

You need to have a Minecraft account and download the mod from the website.

Where can you get the snake mod?

The snake mod can be downloaded from the Minecraft website.

How do you use the snake mod?

Once you have installed the mod you can use it by going to the “Mods” section in the Minecraft launcher.

From there you can enable or disable the mod.

What does the snake mod do?

The snake mod adds a snake that follows the player around.

Is the snake mod dangerous?

No the snake mod is not dangerous.

What is the snake mod made for?

The snake mod is made for entertainment purposes.

How long has the snake mod been around?

The snake mod has been around since March of 2016.

Who created the snake mod?

The snake mod was created by iChun.

What is required to get the snake mod?

All you need is a Minecraft account and internet connection to download it.

What version of Minecraft does the snake mod work for?

The snake mod works for Minecraft 1.

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8 and above.

How many downloads has the snake mod gotten?

As of July 2018 the snake mod has gotten over 1.

6 million downloads.

Will the snake mod be updated?

Yes the snake mod is regularly updated to work with the latest version of Minecraft.

Do you need to pay for the snake mod?

No the snake mod is free to download and use.

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