How To Get A Rat Out Of Your Car

If you have a rat in your car there are a few things you can do to try to get it out. First you can try to lure it out with food. Put some food near the opening of your car and try to wait until the rat comes out to eat it. You can also try to smoke the rat out. rats don’t like smoke so if you light a fire near the opening of your car the rat may run out to escape the smoke. Finally you can try to catch the rat with a trap. Set a trap near the opening of your car and see if the rat goes into it. If you can’t get the rat out of your car you may have to call an exterminator.

How do you get a rat out of your car?

You can try to catch it with a live trap baited with peanut butter or set a glue trap.

Once the rat is caught you can release it outside far away from your home.

You can also try to scare it out with loud noises or by spraying it with water.

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