How To Fill Rat Burrows

If you have rats in your yard chances are you have rat burrows. These are small holes that rats use to enter and exit their nests. If you want to get rid of rats you need to fill in their burrows.

Here’s how to do it:

1. Find the burrows. Rats are creatures of habit and will use the same burrows day after day. Look for small holes in the ground usually about 2-3 inches in diameter. You may also see rat droppings near the burrow entrance.

2. Fill the burrow. Once you’ve located a burrow fill it in with soil rocks or another material. Be sure to pack the material tightly so that the rat can’t tunnel its way out.

3. Repeat. Rats are persistent creatures so you’ll need to fill in all the burrows you can find. Check your yard regularly for new burrows and fill them as soon as you find them.

4. Take other steps. In addition to filling in burrows you’ll need to take other steps to get rid of rats. Eliminate their food sources by keeping your yard clean and free of debris. Store food in sealed containers and keep trash cans lids securely fastened. Remove any sources of shelter such as woodpiles that rats can use. And finally consider using rat traps or poison to get rid of the rats for good.

Filling in rat burrows is an important step in getting rid of these pests. Be patient and persistent and eventually you’ll be rat-free.

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