How To Feed Birds Without Attracting Rats

If you’re like most bird enthusiasts you probably love getting up close and personal with your backyard feathered friends. But did you know that if you’re not careful you could be inadvertently attracting another backyard visitor that’s far from welcome: rats.

While rats may not be harmful to birds directly they can carry diseases that can be deadly to our feathered friends. In addition rats will eat just about anything including birdseed eggs and even baby birds. So how can you enjoy feeding the birds without attracting rats?

Here are a few tips:

-use a rat-proof bird feeder: There are many types of bird feeders on the market that are designed to keep rats out. Some have weight-activated perches that close the access door when a rat tries to enter while others have Spring-loaded perches that slam shut when a rat tries to take a seat.

-keep your bird feeder clean: A dirty bird feeder is more likely to attract rats than a clean one. Be sure to clean up any spilled bird seed and empty the feeder of old seed on a regular basis.

-remove fallen bird seed: rats love nothing more than an easy meal so be sure to remove any fallen bird seed from beneath your feeder. A good way to do this is to place a piece of hardware cloth or chicken wire beneath the feeder to catch the fallen seed.

-keep your yard clean: in addition to removing fallen bird seed be sure to keep your yard free of other potential food sources for rats such as garbage pet food and fallen fruit from trees.

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-use live traps: If you already have a rat problem you can try to trap and remove them with live traps. Be sure to check the traps regularly and release any captured rats far away from your property.

By following these tips you can enjoy feeding the birds without attracting rats.

What is the best way to feed birds without attracting rats?

The best way to feed birds without attracting rats is to use a bird feeder that has a rat guard.

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