How To Draw A Snake

Assuming you would like a blog post on how to draw a snake:

Assuming you would like a blog post on how to draw a snake:

“S is for snake! Slithery sneaky and sometimes scary snakes are definitely unique creatures. If you’re looking to add a reptilian friend to your art read on for a step-by-step guide on how to draw a snake.

Start by drawing a long curved line for the snake’s body. Then add a small circle near the head for the eye. From the eye draw a curved line down to the nose and then continue the line back around to the eye.

Next add a few small lines around the head for detail and then begin to draw the scales on the snake’s body. Start at the head and draw small lines down the length of the body making each scale a little larger than the last.

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When you reach the end of the body add a curved line for the tail. Finally add some shading to give your snake some dimension and you’re finished!

With a little practice you’ll be drawing slithering snakes like a pro!”

How do you start drawing a snake?

Answer: Start by drawing a small oval for the head.

What do you do next?

Answer: From the head draw a long curved line for the body.

About how many body segments should the snake have?

Answer: It depends on the size of the snake but around 10-15 body segments is a good number.

What do you do after you have the basic shape of the snake’s body?

Answer: Start adding in details like eyes scales and a tongue.

What is one way to make the snake look more realistic?

Answer: Give it a bit of a 3D effect by adding shadows in certain areas.

Should all of the scales be the same size?

Answer: No you can vary the sizes of the scales to make the snake look more realistic.

What color should the snake be?

Answer: It can be any color you want!

What if I want to draw a cartoon snake?

Answer: That’s fine too! Just make the features more simplified and exaggerated.

What do I do if I want to draw a realistic snake but I’m not sure how to start?

Answer: There are plenty of reference photos online that you can use for inspiration.

What are some other things I can do to make my snake drawing look more realistic?

Answer: Adding in small details like wrinkles or tiny bumps can make a big difference.

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What if I want to draw a snake that’s coiled up?

Answer: Start by drawing a small circle for the head and then start wrapping the body around it.

How do I make the snake look like it’s moving?

Answer: You can add some curves to the body and make the tongue flick out to one side.

Can I add patterns or designs to the snake?

Answer: Sure! You can make the snake as simple or as detailed as you want.

What if I want to draw a snake that’s wrapped around something?

Answer: Start by drawing the object that the snake is wrapped around and then add the snake on top of it.

Any other advice?

Answer: Just have fun with it and don’t be afraid to experiment!

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