how does offer work on goat

If you’re looking to sell your goat, you’re probably wondering: “How does an offer work on Goat?” This game allows you to bid on the price of goats with a partner from the comfort of your home. Each player starts with a fixed number of goats, and then takes turns bidding to get as many of them as possible. The winner of the game is the person with the most goats at the end.

Unlike StockX, GOAT lets you buy used sneakers, which is a major advantage since you’d otherwise be limited to purchasing brand-new sneakers. The GOAT team also ensures that the items on the site are genuine, so there’s less chance of scamming on the platform. Nonetheless, you need to be aware of the downsides of this site, such as poor customer service and few scam opportunities.

Goat works like a middleman between buyers and sellers. Sellers ship their products to GOAT, which then verifies them and ships them to their buyer. Similarly, Instant Ship items are already verified and ready to ship. However, there’s no guarantee of a successful sale. As a seller, you should always ensure your inventory is in good condition and pricing your goat’s price higher than the market value.

Once you’ve verified the authenticity of your items, GOAT will ask you to answer a few questions, including how worn the shoes are. You must answer all the questions truthfully, otherwise, you’ll risk losing money. After answering these questions, GOAT will provide you with a pricing tool. It also has a handy fee calculator. Once you’ve completed your registration, you can start selling on GOAT.

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GOAT’s previous payment solution was a pain point for sellers. It required sellers to sign up for two separate e-wallet services. Moreover, the time it took to transfer funds to their respective accounts was seven days, limiting the amount of time they could repurchase. This was both slow and cumbersome. The GOAT team sought a plug and play solution to replace the ‘old’ pay-in and payout process. Our solution integrates with a Dwolla API and offers real-time status notifications for sellers.

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