How Did Bella Swan Die

Bella Swan died on Forks on October 31st. She was bitten by a werewolf and then later killed by a vampire.

How did Bella Swan die?

Bella Swan died after giving birth to her and Edward Cullen’s daughter Renesmee.

How old was Bella Swan when she died?

Bella Swan was 18 years old when she died.

Who delivered Bella Swan’s baby?


Carlisle Cullen delivered Bella Swan’s baby.

Who was at Bella Swan’s side when she died?

Edward Cullen was at Bella Swan’s side when she died.

What did Bella Swan name her daughter?

Bella Swan named her daughter Renesmee.

How did Edward Cullen feel after Bella Swan’s death?

Edward Cullen was devastated after Bella Swan’s death.

What did Bella Swan request before she died?

Bella Swan requested that Edward Cullen turn her into a vampire so she could be with him forever.

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How did Edward Cullen respond to Bella Swan’s request?

Edward Cullen refused to turn Bella Swan into a vampire because he did not want her to have to live with the guilt of taking lives.

Why did Bella Swan want to become a vampire?

Bella Swan wanted to become a vampire so she could be with Edward Cullen forever.

How long did Bella Swan live after she gave birth?

Bella Swan only lived for a few moments after she gave birth before she died.

What was the cause of Bella Swan’s death?

The cause of Bella Swan’s death was massive blood loss.

What did Edward Cullen do with Bella Swan’s body after she died?

Edward Cullen cremated Bella Swan’s body after she died.

What did Edward Cullen do with Bella Swan’s ashes?

Edward Cullen scattered Bella Swan’s ashes in Forks Washington where she was born.

How did the Cullens cope with Bella Swan’s death?

The Cullens were devastated by Bella Swan’s death and grieved for her together.

What did Bella Swan’s daughter Renesmee look like after she was born?

Bella Swan’s daughter Renesmee looked like a human-vampire hybrid.

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