Do Worm Snakes Bite

Worm snakes are small harmless snakes that are often mistaken for worms. They are not venomous and they do not have fangs so they cannot bite. However they can squirm and wiggle their bodies in a way that might startle or surprise someone who is not expecting it. If you see a worm snake there is no need to be afraid. Just enjoy watching this unique little creature go about its business.

Do worm snakes bite?

No worm snakes do not bite.

What do worm snakes eat?

Worm snakes eat worms slugs and small insects.

Where do worm snakes live?

Worm snakes live in North America Europe and Asia.

How long do worm snakes grow?

Worm snakes grow to be about 10-15 inches long.

What color are worm snakes?

Worm snakes are usually brown or red.

Are worm snakes venomous?

No worm snakes are not venomous.

What is the scientific name for worm snakes?

The scientific name for worm snakes is Carphophis vermis.

Do worm snakes have teeth?

Yes worm snakes have small sharp teeth.

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How do worm snakes move?

Worm snakes move by slithering on the ground.

What is the lifespan of a worm snake?

Worm snakes usually live for about 5-7 years.

Do worm snakes hibernate?

Yes worm snakes hibernate during the winter.

What is the predators of a worm snake?

The predators of a worm snake include skunks raccoons and opossums.

What sound do worm snakes make?

Worm snakes make a hissing sound when they are angry or scared.

Are worm snakes aggressive?

No worm snakes are not aggressive.

What is the average length of a worm snake?

The average length of a worm snake is 10-15 inches.

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