Do Black Snakes Eat Copperheads

There are a variety of black snakes that are found throughout the United States including the Black Rat Snake Black Racer and Black Pine Snake. While each species has their own preferred diet black snakes are generally known to eat smaller snakes including copperheads.

While some black snakes will eat just about any type of snake others are more selective and will only eat certain species. For example the Black Rat Snake is known to eat copperheads while the Black Racer is not.

If a black snake is large enough it can easily kill and eat a copperhead. The copperhead’s venom is not strong enough to kill a black snake so the black snake will not be harmed by the copperhead’s venom.

Black snakes are typically not aggressive towards humans and will only bite if they feel threatened. If you see a black snake it is best to leave it alone and give it space.

Do black snakes eat copperheads?


No black snakes do not eat copperheads.


Black snakes are immune to the venom of copperheads.


Copperheads are not found in the same areas as black snakes.


Black snakes will eat just about anything including copperheads.

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