Did Megan Fox Give Birth

Yes Megan Fox gave birth to a baby boy on September 3 2016. She and her husband Brian Austin Green have named him Journey River Green.

This is the couple’s third child together; they are also parents to sons Noah 4 and Bodhi 2.

Megan Fox’s pregnancy was first reported back in April when she was spotted out and about with what looked to be a baby bump.

The actress kept mum on the pregnancy rumors until August when she finally confirmed that she was expecting her third child during an interview with Ellen DeGeneres.

“I’m very excited. I’m mostly excited because I’m going to have a girl this time” Fox said at the time. “I have two boys now and I’m like ‘Oh my god please give me a girl.'”

“I’m hoping [for a daughter]” she continued. “It would be nice to have one of each. I just want a happy and healthy baby no matter what.”

And it looks like she got her wish! Shortly after Journey’s birth Fox’s rep confirmed to People that the newborn is in fact a little girl.

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This is the first child for Fox and Green since they welcomed Bodhi in February 2014. The couple who got married in 2010 are also parents to Noah 4.

“They’re both so excited” a source told the magazine of Fox and Green’s pregnancy news. “They just wanted to have one more baby.”

We’re sure the happy family is thrilled to be welcoming a new addition! Congratulations to Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green on the birth of their third child.

Did Megan Fox have her baby yet?

No Megan Fox has not given birth yet.

Who is the father of Megan Fox’s baby?

Brian Austin Green is the father of Megan Fox’s baby.

When is Megan Fox’s due date?

Megan Fox’s due date is September 27th.

How many children does Megan Fox have?

Megan Fox has two children.

Did Megan Fox get married before she had her baby?

No Megan Fox did not get married before she had her baby.

How old is Megan Fox?

Megan Fox is 33 years old.

What is Megan Fox’s middle name?

Megan Fox’s middle name is Denise.

Where was Megan Fox born?

Megan Fox was born in Oak Ridge Tennessee.

How many brothers and sisters does Megan Fox have?

Megan Fox has five siblings.

Did Megan Fox go to college?

No Megan Fox did not go to college.

What is Megan Fox’s ethnicity?

Megan Fox is of Irish French and Native American descent.

What is Megan Fox’s natural hair color?

Megan Fox’s natural hair color is brown.

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What is Megan Fox’s favorite food?

Megan Fox’s favorite food is sushi.

What is Megan Fox’s favorite movie?

Megan Fox’s favorite movie is Scarface.

What is Megan Fox’s favorite color?

Megan Fox’s favorite color is green.

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