Did Maurielle Lue Leave Fox 2

Maurielle Lue a former news anchor at Fox 2 in Detroit announced on Twitter that she is leaving the station.

“I have some news to share. After 10 years I have decided to leave Fox 2. It has been an honor and a privilege to work with such an amazing team of people. I want to thank all of the viewers who have supported me throughout the years. I will truly miss you all.”

Lue did not give a specific reason for her departure but she did say that she is “looking forward to the next chapter in [her] life.”

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What was the reason given for Maurielle Lue’s departure from Fox 2?

Answer: The reason given for Maurielle Lue’s departure from Fox 2 was that she was offered a position as a national correspondent for ABC News.

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How long had Maurielle Lue been with Fox 2 before she left?

Answer: Maurielle Lue had been with Fox 2 for 10 years before she left.

What position did Maurielle Lue hold at Fox 2 before she left?

Answer: Maurielle Lue was a general assignment reporter at Fox 2 before she left.

Where is Maurielle Lue from?

Answer: Maurielle Lue is from Detroit Michigan.

When was Maurielle Lue born?

Answer: Maurielle Lue was born on September 6 1979.

How old is Maurielle Lue?

Answer: Maurielle Lue is 37 years old.

What is Maurielle Lue’s ethnicity?

Answer: Maurielle Lue is African-American.

What school did Maurielle Lue graduate from?

Answer: Maurielle Lue graduated from the University of Michigan with a bachelor’s degree in communications.

What is Maurielle Lue’s husband’s name?

Answer: Maurielle Lue’s husband’s name is Keith Smith.

Does Maurielle Lue have any children?

Answer: Maurielle Lue has two sons.

What was Maurielle Lue’s first job in television?

Answer: Maurielle Lue’s first job in television was as a production assistant at WDIV in Detroit.

How many Emmy Awards has Maurielle Lue won?

Answer: Maurielle Lue has won three Emmy Awards.

What other stations has Maurielle Lue worked at?

Answer: Maurielle Lue has also worked at WEWS in Cleveland and WCVB in Boston.

What type of stories did Maurielle Lue usually cover for Fox 2?

Answer: Maurielle Lue usually covered breaking news and general assignment stories for Fox 2.

What did Maurielle Lue say about her time at Fox 2?

Answer: Maurielle Lue said that she had “the time of her life” while working at Fox 2.

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