Are Rat Terriers Smart

Rat terriers are one of the smartest breeds of dogs according to renowned animal behaviorist Stanley Coren. In his book “The Intelligence of Dogs” Coren ranks the rat terrier as the 17th smartest dog out of a total of 138 breeds.

So why are rat terriers so smart? Part of it may have to do with their history. Rat terriers were originally bred in England in the 1800s to kill rats in factories and warehouses. They were then brought to the United States where they were used as hunting dogs and farm dogs.

Their intelligence also likely has something to do with their size. Rat terriers are small dogs and small dogs tend to be smarter than large dogs according to Coren. This is because small dogs have more neural cells per square inch of brain than large dogs do.

Whatever the reason for their intelligence rat terriers are certainly smart dogs. They are quick learners and are easily trained. They are also good at problem solving. So if you’re looking for a smart dog a rat terrier may be the perfect breed for you.

How much smarter are rat terriers than other dogs?

Rat terriers are considered to be one of the smartest dog breeds.

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How does this intelligence manifest itself?

They are quick learners and are very good at obedience training.

What else makes them special?

Rat terriers are also known for being very clean dogs.

They do not have doggy odor and they rarely need to be bathed.

What else makes rat terriers unique?

They are also one of the few dog breeds that can kill a rat.

Why are they called rat terriers?

They were originally bred to kill rats in homes and warehouses.

Do all rat terriers kill rats?

No not all rat terriers will kill rats.

It is more of a natural instinct for some dogs than others.

What if I don’t want my rat terrier to kill rats?

If you don’t want your rat terrier to kill rats you can train them not to do it.

How big do rat terriers get?

Rat terriers come in two sizes miniature and standard.

The miniature size is usually about 10 inches tall and the standard size is about 18 inches tall.

What colors do rat terriers come in?

Rat terriers can be any color but the most common colors are black and white brown and white and tan and white.

Do rat terriers shed?

Yes rat terriers do shed.

They are considered to be a moderate shedding breed.

How much exercise do rat terriers need?

Rat terriers need a moderate amount of exercise.

A good rule of thumb is 30 minutes to an hour of exercise per day.

Are rat terriers good with kids?

Yes rat terriers are good with kids.

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They are a very friendly and outgoing breed.

Are rat terriers good with other animals?

Yes rat terriers are good with other animals.

They are not known to be aggressive towards other animals.

Do rat terriers bark a lot?

No rat terriers do not bark a lot.

They are actually considered to be a relatively quiet breed.

How long do rat terriers live?

Rat terriers typically live to be between 12 and 18 years old.

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